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We at Chauffeur Gigs are renowned for our superior services at finding and placing the most upstanding professional "Executive/Family" drivers. Every chauffeur we endorse is guaranteed to carry only the cleanest driving records. We refer CHAUFFEUR/DRIVERS with years of positive experience behind the "wheel." Additionally, our drivers know: EQUALLY IMPORTANT IS THE OVERALL 'SERVICE' THEY RENDER TO THEIR EMPLOYER. Superlative references a must! WE CONFIDENTLY GUARANTEE, WE KNOW WHAT MAKES A GREAT CHAUFFEUR. Through careful screenings & extensive background checking, we make sure all of our drivers uphold our "minimum character traits of" quality, integrity, dependability, consistency & discretion. After being in the Household/domestic Staffing Industry for so many years, we know you are reaching out to us for a "SEASONED PROFESIONAL." A candidate who understands his/her driving skills must be of the level to "make it in New York." At the same time, we realize you are looking for "SERVICE." Let's Get Started.


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Chauffeur Gigs will do its very best to never mis-lead, nor waste your time. If you are seasoned - career - driver, we will always do our best. We know our time is valuable, so yours is also. Although we seek truly experienced Drivers, who have the similar experience our clients are seeking, we have our techniques, in opening doors for those who have talent & skills along with related experience. For any driver with years of Private Experience and willing to work the hours when necessary, we go to bat for you. We believe in O/T after an agreed amount of hours worked. We realize you need time to get home and get the necessary rest & sleep, to be an effective driver and be of "Service." Please, if you are considering making move, talk to us first. You will be surprised how we can "confidentially" get you interesting interviews. We also enjoy a demand for ex-NYPD & others with full "carry permits." All drivers will be thoroughly screened and undergo a Nation Wide Criminal Check, a separate Federal Courts Criminal Check & a 62 County New York State check. Let's Get Started and see the many other opportunities that are out there.


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